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Real News From The Blaze': Solyndra Vs. Staples


New polling out Thursday shows President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in a statistical dead heat in the general election campaign. While the race between the two has been close for months, the Republican challenger is beginning to open up a lead over the president on key questions like who voters believe would better handle the economy and federal budget deficit, an important trend for Romney as 54 percent of registered voters cite the economy and jobs as "extremely" important.

In a column Wednesday titled "Staples Vs. Solyndra," the Wall Street Journal editorial board argues that Romney must make a better argument for his work at Bain Capital than just equating business setbacks to failed Obama policies, and needs to avoid getting tied up while defending attacks like when he left the firm.

In any event, hitting Mr. Obama for his hypocrisy still won't win the argument, if both men merely share the blame for acts of capitalism committed by Bain. Instead, Mr. Romney should enthusiastically defend Bain, and the job-creating contrast with Obamanomics that it represents. Did Bain have to cut some jobs as it built companies that ultimately created many more jobs? Yes, but its companies created more than they lost, and this dynamic spirit of improvement and enterprise represents a far better path to prosperity than the government-directed, political investing of Mr. Obama.

With this battle-cry for Bain in mind, and news of a House GOP introduced "No More Solyndras" Bill Thursday, the "Real News" panel broke down the two different economic visions that will be presented to voters this fall. One based on private investment like Stables, another based on public investment like Solyndra.

Watch two clips from the segment that break down what each economic policy model looks like, and whether either candidate even embodies their vision perfectly:

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clip 2

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