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The Odd Theology of Van Jones: 'God Doesn't Know Who You Are


"Is the human species a species of locusts..."

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Van Jones, speaking at the University of Oregon, Jul 9, 2012:

If you are a person of faith like I am, you like to imagine that the Creator created us with free will -- in other words, even God doesn't know who you are.

You will let the universe know, you will announce to all creation who humanity is now that you have the power as a species to either preserve life or to destroy it.  To either rescue the earth, or to drive an extinction wave like we've never seen before. Your generation will make this determination.

Is the human species a species of locusts, that just came to devour and destroy and be gone? Or are we a species more like the honeybees, who've found a way for their work and their existence to not only fit in, but to ennoble and lift up and beautify the rest of creation.

Who are we going to be as a species? It will be determined in this century. It will be determined by you. No pressure. No pressure.

The Blaze‘s Kathleene D’Urso contributed to this piece.

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