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Gov't Group Spent $20K on Drumsticks for 'Teambuilding Exercises


"... it's got to stop."

The General Services Administration (GSA) has been in hot water ever since agency administrators were caught throwing lavish and ultra-expensive parties at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.

And although much has been uncovered, we’re still discovering the extent to which GSA officials were engaged in wasteful spending.

The latest: $20,000 for drumsticks. No, we’re not kidding. $20,000.

A new hearing is scheduled to investigate another case of lavish spending by the GSA. The government agency is accused of forking over $270,000 for a performance rewards ceremony that included $20,000 worth of drumsticks for attendees,”  Fox News Insider reports.

“The drumsticks were used in some sort of teambuilding exercise,” the report adds.

[A quick side note: Back when this author used to work in a music store, a decent pair of drumsticks cost about $7.50. So, unless the ones the GSA purchased were gold-plated, they bought about 2,666 pairs of drumsticks. Awesome.]

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Rep. Jeff Denham during an interview on Fox discussed the GSA scandal and the fact that “even after the president issued an executive order saying no more conferences, they still kept doing it.”

“On an annual basis, they are spending over a quarter of a million a year, and it’s got to stop,” Rep. Denham said of the GSA.

“The biggest part of the problem is this is the agency that sets the standard for every other agency in government, so if they are doing this you can see how bad the rest of government is,” he added.

Exit question: How many times did they have to watch the teambuilding video to be able to get through that interview without cracking up?

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