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Shabazz: Black Panthers a Reminder to Obama of 'Where He Comes from' & Are the 'Moral Consciousness of This Nation


"[Obama is] following advice and leadership that is not divine but is yet satanic."


In another recent radio rant, New Black Panther Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz took dead aim at the current president and his policies.  The Panthers, who were at the center of a voter intimidation case in 2008, have lost much love for our current Chief Executive.

Chairman Shabazz describes the roll that he believes the Black Panthers serve for the President:

"We are the voice of consciousness of the president of the United States of America. We are that reminder to him of that who he really is, and where he comes from, his people. We are, when it comes to the black people and the justice they deserve, the moral consciousness of this nation, and we always have been."


Shabazz went on to express his immense disappointment in the president, calling Obama an "oxymoron, walking contradiction."  The Chairman then argued that they had high hopes for our first "African" president:

"As a black man or a child of Africa, we hoped or expected better of him."

Shabazz accused the President of following satanist advice and being a puppet for the Zionist, white military structure:"

"[Obama is] following advice and leadership that is not divine but is yet satanic.  And we are urging him still in this hour in vain to listen to us and not the devils in the pentagon and the white military structure and establishment of imperialism/ pro-zionism."

Shabazz went on to add that Obama is now the "top imperialist in the world."

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