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The Dark Knight Arrives: Christian Bale Visits Victims of Aurora Shooting


"What a great guy! Still in shock!"

Bale, with survivor Carey Rottman

Christian Bale might not really be Bruce Wayne, but to a hospital full of victims of a possible would-be Joker, he certainly seems to have acquitted himself heroically. The "Dark Knight Rises" star visited Denver, Colorado today, with his wife Sibi Blazic, to pay a visit to the victims of the shooting and express his condolences.

Cynics in the audience can rest assured that this was not a publicity stunt for the movie - in fact, Warner Brothers had nothing to do with the visit. It appears that Bale was simply so affected by the shooting that he simply had to visit the survivors.

The visit reportedly went well. Hospital staff spoke glowingly of his cooperativeness and positive demeanor, and praised the positive effect that his visit had on the patients.

Naturally enough, the patients were ecstatic.

"Wow!!! Thank you so much for the visit Christian!! What a great guy! Still in shock!" wrote victim Carey Rottman after his meeting with Bale.

Bale also paid a visit to the makeshift memorial for the victims, bringing his own flowers and mingling with other mourners.

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