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Hilarious Parody Video: 2012 'Obama Voter' Interviews Her 2008 Self -- and Quickly Gets Disillusioned


"So tell me, future self, it must be the greatest time to be alive."

Earlier this month, we brought you the viral video of a man who interviewed his 12-year-old self via the magic of video and a little foresight. (Watch it and read up here.) It was funny. But not as funny as the parody that some Obama critics have just released.

In a new video posted to YouTube yesterday by the group Republican Party Animals, a woman is seen playing the part of an ecstatic 2008 Obama supporter interviewing her 2012 self. The 2008 version is overtaken with hope and change, while the 2012 introduces her to some harsh realities about what that turned into (Dad couldn't get his asthma meds, she's now living in Mom's basement because she can't find a job, the green jobs program was an utter failure, America is not popular in the world, and there are tax hikes).

There's a visual to represent the change:

But the honeymoon soon ends after a surprise at about the three-minute mark:

See it below (and no comments about the space-time continuum being interrupted or how this wouldn't be possible -- none):

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