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Passion and Purpose': See the Pint-sized Leaders of the Future in Beck's Preview of 'Project Treehouse


"They're in pursuit of something bigger than them."

"Liberty Treehouse" is about to go big. In fact, to hear the program's host, Lu Hanessian, tell it, it's about to go as big as the Mickey Mouse club, with Glenn Beck as the equivalent of Walt Disney.

Why? Because Hanessian is expanding the program beyond its status as staple childrens' programming on TheBlazeTV. Instead, now a new project - "Project Treehouse" - will be created alongside the program, which will allow children to do charity work or fight for causes near and dear to their hearts with support from TheBlaze. Hanessian already laid out the basic contours of an idea like this here on TheBlaze in an op-ed published earlier this week, apparently in anticipation of the program. Glenn Beck had her on his show tonight to explain further, as part of Restoring Love. Watch the interview below:

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