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Meet the Global Tea Partiers Getting Trained in Texas by FreedomWorks

Meet the Global Tea Partiers Getting Trained in Texas by FreedomWorks

"Freedom is important."

The Tea Party movement is quickly spreading beyond U.S. borders as international activists gather in Dallas to connect their networks and attend grassroots training sponsored by FreedomWorks.

Nearly 30 Tea Party activists from countries like Serbia, Japan, Israel, Nigeria and Georgia are among the thousands gathering in Dallas this week as a part of FreedomWorks' "International Freedom Project," aimed at connecting various conservative and freedom movements from every corner of the world. A number of them are also scheduled to take the stage at the organization's FreePAC event at American Airlines Center on Thursday night before Glenn Beck's speech leading up to his Restoring Love event.

They were introduced by FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe, who directed the audience to visit TheBlaze for the exclusive, in-depth story.

For those that can't make it, "Restoring Love" will be broadcast like at TheBlazeTV/GBTV here. Also, be sure to check out TheBlaze's Live Blog from FreePAC.

The international gathering in Dallas today proves that the yearning for freedom and individual liberty does not wither and dissipate at America's shores, but rather that the Tea Party platform has crossed cultural and international borders as the global freedom movement continues to pick up steam.

But before the foreign Tea Partiers found themselves in front of thousands of people at FreePAC, the self-described freedom-lovers shared their stories exclusively with TheBlaze. They say now, more than ever, like-minded people everywhere need to unite against big government and advocate for conservative principles that fortify freedom.

"People asking for liberty in Japan are very few," Yuya Watase said though his translator, Marc Abela. "The purpose of us being here is to, once again, try to embrace and learn from these ideas and bring them back to Japan."

Watase, an organizer for the Tokyo Tea Party in Japan, told TheBlaze that conservative principles such as individual responsibility, low taxes and fiscal conservatism are not popular in his country. Nonetheless, he's determined to take what he learns in Dallas back to Japan and educate others.

"Freedom is important," he proclaimed.

Others have a more daunting task before them.

Milos Nikolic, founder of the Libertarian Club in Belgrade, Serbia, told TheBlaze that Serbia is still trying to rid itself of the remnants of Communism, left over from when the region was occupied by the Soviet Union in the 1940s.

"The most terrible aspect of Communism is that people change their view for society ....They don't have feelings of individual responsibility," he said. "Chaos is inevitable after that."

Serbia currently has a very centralized government and all initiatives come from the top down, Nikolic explained. What the Libertarian Club -- a FreedomWorks partner -- is trying to do is build a coalition of conservative groups and individuals who are willing to help transform the country's political system -- one where the decisions go from the bottom up.

When asked why it is important to bring freedom movements together from all countries, Nikolic said in order to be successful, other like-minded organizations and individuals must make some regional connections and join hands to defeat all forms of tyranny.

But these political activist didn't just come to learn from America -- there's a lot we can learn from them as well.

Misha Tavkhelidze, of the Georgia Tea Party, said Georgia can't have a fiscal deficit more than 3 percent of the budget and the national debt can't not be more than 30 percent of GDP -- it's written in their Constitution. Many conservatives wouldn't mind adopting that provision and amending our own Constitution.

"We skipped the Socialist experiments," he added, chuckling to himself.

Watch the inspirational roundtable with the international conservative thought leaders here:

Special thanks to FreedomWork's International Freedom Project.

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