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Europeans prefer Obama over Romney. Duh.


Romney landed in England with a splash and it took no time at all for him to somehow upset the natives. As Eddie wrote below, the reception in the press was less than cordial. But should we really be surprised by this?

Personally, I think Romney's comments were appropriate as a former Olympic exec, but not as a presidential candidate. I don't fault the guy for blurring the lines because distinguishing between the two in messaging comes more from political novice and I don't mind supporting a candidate who occasionally speaks unscripted words without a teleprompter.

But contrast "twit" Romney's cold reception in Europe with that of then-Senator Obama in 2008. Obama was greeted by tens of thousands of adoring fans in Berlin, where he promised he would “save this planet” and bring peace to the Middle East. While the European press should've slammed him for his pie-in-the-sky approach to governance, they adored and embraced him.

It seems clear which candidate the press prefers, but I prefer to judge the candidates on my own terms.

And as for the Olympics, I welcome London to prove Romney's concerns wrong.

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