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White House Defends Tax Increases By Citing...Justin Bieber?!


Cites "Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Justin Bieber, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama" as examples of high income earners.

Justin Bieber

For the sake of conservative humorists, one hopes that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney will never change. The man referred to by Rush Limbaugh as a "spokeskid" seem to be a never-ending fountain of gaffes second only to Joe Biden. Nevertheless, Carney may have inadvertently stumbled upon a reference that makes his point well by citing one of the more divisive pop stars in recent history as part of his defense of tax increases on the top 2 percent. That pop star is none other than Canadian sensation Justin Bieber. Yes, really. Watch Carney's defense below:

According to Carney, "Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates, Justin Bieber, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama" are some of the people who stand to benefit from an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts on high income earners.

Whatever your position on tax cuts, many would argue that lumping Bieber in with Bill Gates and Mitt Romney is a stroke of genius, given that those two demonstrable job creators likely cut more sympathetic figures than a child star who is only known for repeating the word "Baby" over and over again. At the same time, some of Obama's youth voters might find the reference in poor taste.

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