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Republican Senator: Cruz's Texas Victory Means 'We're Going to Bury' Obamacare 'And Dance on Its Grave


"It's impossible to overstate the significance of this win tonight."

One sitting Utah senator is making a strong prediction: The victory of Ted Cruz means conservatives will "dance on the grave" of Obamacare.

In an impassioned exclusive to TheBlaze, GOP Senator Mike Lee of Utah punctuated the importance of the Ted Cruz victory in the Texas race for U.S. Senate runoff Tuesday night. Lee, who was the first sitting senator to endorse Cruz in the primary, spoke to TheBlaze from FreedomWorks headquarters in Washington, D.C. moments after the win.

"It's impossible to overstate the significance of this win tonight," Lee said. "With people all over the country trying to predict the demise of the conservative movement this proves them all wrong."

The senator went on to assert that the majority of American people are looking for a federal government that is limited in enumerated powers.

"The federal government has simply become too big and too expensive," he said. "It has become that way because it is doing to many thing that is was never intended to do."

Lee, who was voted into office on a harsh rebuttal of the president's agenda in 2010, referenced the lack of checks and balances that occur in today's federal government as the root of the problem.  The senator particularly targeted the oversight breakdown between the Supreme Court and Congress.

"Congress has sort of taken the signal from the Supreme Court that because the Supreme Court has been willing to allow Congress to do a lot of things without interference from the courts, Congress has read that as a signal that anything it wants to do is constitutional," he explained. "That isn't really true."

Lee berated the "mindset" that government will provide for all the countries needs.  He cited the federal takeover of healthcare and the auto industry as gross overreaches of federal power.  He noted that the practice of constitutional overreach has "had a good long run for 75 years.  It hasn't worked.  It's gotten us nearly 16 trillion dollars in debt."

Lee went on to say that this form of government will end with the election of "true constitutional conservatives" like Cruz.  When asked what the Cruz victory means for the fate of Obamacare, Lee colorfully came out swinging, lauding the potential to "bury" the polarizing piece of legislation:

"[Obamacare's] days are numbered.  That ill-conceived piece of legislation is going to meet its demise.  We're going to bury it.  And we'll dance on it's grave."

The American voting public will have a chance to rebuke a great deal of the presidents agenda in November, where Cruz will likely be a favorite in the growing GOP momentum to take back the Senate.  The Republicans are four seats shy from securing a senate majority and therefore having the authority to hypothetically defund and repeal Obamacare.

Listen to the senator's impassioned interview below: 


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