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See the 5 Most Faith-Inspiring Moments From Beck's 'Restoring Love' in Exclusive Montage


Glenn Beck's "Restoring Love" event was filled with positive themes about restoring the nation, serving others and reinvigorating citizens to more fervently advocate for the values that made America great. Throughout the event, there were very-pointed spiritual moments worth noting.

So, TheBlaze has assembled a video that features some of the most impactful and influential comments from those addressing diverse audiences throughout the three-day event.

Among the speeches given during "FreePAC," "Under God: Indivisible" and the "Restoring Love" main event, there are some distinct moments that stand out. In an eight-minute compilation, we bring you some of the most inspiring and faith-driven content, including:

  • The Rev. CL Bryant's passionate FreePAC speech about faith and patriotism
  • The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez's inspirational message about the power of Christianity in America at "Under God: Indivisible"
  • Dr. Tony Evans' convicting proclamations about Christians' need to serve God at "Under God: Indivisible"
  • Glenn Beck's comments about the Third Great Awakening and the need for citizens to inspire their neighbors to serve one another
  • The musical finale of "Restoring Love"

Watch these moments in the faith-driven video montage, below:

The Blaze's Brendan Awerbuch contributed to this report.

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