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Cops Reveal Moment Shooter Opened Fire on Officer 8-9 Times (Plus Other Details from Sikh Shooting Presser)


-- - Gunman acted alone, but police seeking unnamed "person of interest" - 1 woman and 5 men were killed - Officer shot 8-9 times while critical condition - Victims range from 39 to 84-years-old - New details on weapon and "person of interest" --

In a comprehensive press conference this morning from Oak Creek, Wisconsin, law enforcement officials shared new details about Sunday's shooting at a Sikh temple. While few new revelations were given surrounding Wade Michael Page, the suspected gunman, authorities did provide details about the crime's timeline, the gun utilized, an unnamed person of interest and the victims involved.

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"In my mind they're all heroes," Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said of his fellow officers during the press conference. "They did exactly what was expected of them."

Edwards claims that the officers, through their brave actions, prevented more intense tragedy from unfolding in and around the temple. They "stopped a worse tragedy from happening by their actions," he maintained.

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Perhaps the biggest revelation was that, while police claim there was only one gunman, an unnamed person of interest is being sought. FBI Milwaukee Special Agent Teresa Carlson encouraged people who have seen the individual to call a police tip line (his image is below). According to witnesses, the supposedly-suspicious individual was on the scene following the incident.

Among the details given, Edwards spoke about Lt. Brian Murphy, 51, a 21-year veteran officer who was shot eight or nine times with a handgun during the incident. Currently, Murphy is listed in critical condition.

He said Murphy was the first officer to respond to the scene and was "ambushed" when he went to help a victim lying on the ground. The shooter opened fire hitting him in his extremities and in the neck. When other officers arrived shortly after, the shooter then turned the gun toward them and shot out the windows of multiple police cruisers. One of those officers then returned fire with this rifle and took the shooter "down."

Despite his injuries, Murphy then instructed his fellow officers to enter the temple, Edwards said. But protocol dictated that those officers bring Murphy to safety, which they did.

The police chief went on to share the names, genders and ages of the victims involved in the shooting. In order to respect the proper pronunciation of those killed, a member of the Sikh community came up to the podium to read information about them.

Aside from sharing Page's birthdate -- November 1, 1971 -- new details about the alleged perpetrator were not readily given.

"We can say that he was in the military 1992 to 1998. He had a general discharge and that he was ineligible for reenlistment," Edwards added.

According to officials, there was no reason to believe that Page would have been capable of such a crime. Prior to the incident, there were no open law enforcement files creating concern for viable threats.

While authorities have information about at least one of the guns that was used in the crime, they were reluctant to go in-depth. During the presser, however, they described the weapon as "a 9mm handgun utilizing multiple ammunition magazines." It was purchased legally, officials claim.

Read more about Page's background here (updated as details develop).


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