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See a Local NBC Sports Anchor Launch Into a Rant Against Bob Costas Over Olympics Coverage: 'He Did It Again!


“Bob, when it’s 12 o’clock, you say Goodnight.”

Chalk another one up for the critics of NBC's coverage of the Olympics. Although in a strange twist, it's a local NBC affiliate mocking the network's handling of it all.

Recently, Jacksonville's WTLV-TV sports director Dan Hicken had enough of NBC network anchor Bob Costas going over on his allotted time. See, the network is supposed to be done with it's coverage at midnight, then immediately throw it to the local news team that are staying up late to deliver the local news. That means those on the East Coast have to stay up late. And when Costas went over on his time, Hicken had enough.

"He did it to us again. He did it again! He does it ever four years!" Hicken said during the live broadcast. "Bob doesn't know that 12 o'clock means 12 o'clock."

“Bob, when it’s 12 o’clock, you say Goodnight,” Hicken yelled later during the sports part of the broadcast, which started at 12:31 a.m. according to TV Spy.  “You don’t care because you’re sleeping right now.”

He later smiled as his colleagues looked on nervously, but predicted that this sort of thing from Costas will continue (while begging for Costas to show some respect).

You can watch it below:

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