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Herman Cain continues asking for donations to fund his peculiar projects


Just last month Herman Cain launched an online TV network, the website of which still features a video by a homeless guy who died in 2011. Before that in April, Cain held a rally in Washington that was attended by next to no one. And a month before that, Cain launched the website "Sick of Stimulus" which has remained just a place to donate money to the former presidential candidate.

...Full steam ahead!

Cain tells the New York Post he'll be debuting a three-hour Atlanta-based talk radio program. He's also going on a 30-day "Truth Tour" in the fall.

He'll need money for this, of course.

“We’re requesting help from donors. My Internet network’s My net worth’s a few million. I’m no cajillionaire. I don’t have that kind of money.

Any takers?

[New York Post]

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