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Meet the 84-Year-Old Woman Who Has Been Preaching in NYC's Streets for 40+ Years


"God told me to do this."

There's something to be said for longevity and using one's years well. Depending on where you stand on the theological front, 84-year-old Irma Moraes may be an immense inspiration who has done just that.

Moraes, an immigrant, has spent the past 40 years of her life handing out tracts and speaking to New York City residents about Jesus Christ.

"God told me to do this," the elderly woman told CBN News when she was asked about her motivation to spend decades ministering in Manhattan's streets.

While she credits prayer for the turn-around that the city has experienced, the street preacher maintains that there's much work still to be done. CBN provides more about this fascinating woman:

Although she's been in New York City since 1964, the Brazilian native still struggles with her English. But that hasn't stopped her from returning night after night to pray and witness for Christ.

Times Square might seem like an unlikely place to evangelize with so many people out having fun, taking in the sights, sounds and shows.

But Moraes called Times Square the perfect place to tell people about Jesus.

"The hardest thing is the cold. It makes me feel frozen, then I have to go home," she said.

But, despite the cold and other related challenges that come with age, Moraes continues to forge on, attracting those she meets with her bright spirit and consistent message. Aside from admitting being, at times, tired, the missionary has no intention of backing away from her ministry.

Watch her story, below:

(H/T: Deseret News)

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