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Was Robin Hood a Tea Party Activist? Limbaugh Weighs in on 'Romney Hood' Label

Was Robin Hood a Tea Party Activist? Limbaugh Weighs in on 'Romney Hood' Label

"So many people misunderstand what Robin Hood's all about...And, of course, the Democrats don't care about the truth."

President Obama gave Mitt Romney the title "Romney Hood" Monday night, implying that the Republican presidential candidate will steal from the poor to give to the rich with his proposed tax plan.

"[It's] like Robin Hood in reverse," Obama explained to applause from the crowd.

Obama justified the name by saying: "He'd ask the middle class to pay more in taxes, so that he could give another $250,000 tax cut to people making more than $3 million a year..."

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"They have tried to sell us this trickle-down, tax-cut fairy dust before. And guess what? It does not work. It didn't work then, it won't work now...It's not a plan to create jobs, it's not a plan to reduce our deficit, and it is not a plan to move our economy forward," Obama added.

CNN has video of the speech:

It didn't take long for conservatives to point out the numerous holes in Barack Obama's comparison.

"He makes it sound as if by not wanting to pay more taxes you are [somehow] taking from the poor?" Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit wrote, adding: "Because it's the government's money. Not yours."

Mitt Romney called the allegation "Obamaloney," saying: "He’s serving up a dish which is simply in contradiction of the truth … he’s just simply saying things that are not accurate.”

And Rush Limbaugh, who has been called the titular head of the Republican Party, said Barack Obama has a telling misunderstanding of the "Robin Hood" story:

"Everybody thinks that Robin Hood was out there stealing money from the rich and taking it back and giving it to the citizens of Sherwood Forest.  Robin Hood was stealing from the government.  Robin Hood was a Tea Party activist.  Robin Hood was anti-taxes...When I was growing up, the Sheriff was the evil guy."

Here are Limbaugh's full remarks, via The Daily Rushbo:

Not surprisingly, Twitter users elaborated on Limbaugh's explanation of the Sherriff.

Amanda Carpenter wrote: "Obama gets Robin Hood wrong. RH didn't take from rich entrepreneurs, he took from an oppressive gov't that taxed too much."

Another tweeter added: "Sheriff of Nottingham raised taxes on everyone while he & his friends lived like kings. Sounds like the Democrat platform."

Michelle Malkin mixed her metaphors a bit, but got her point across by saying: "I'd rather have a shot at success in #RomneyHood than be relegated to perpetual serf status in #ObamaVille"

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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