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Real News From The Blaze:' Left Attacks Paul Ryan for Discussing Natural Rights


Mitt Romney's pick of Paul Ryan to be his running mate launched speculation that the campaign would shift to a real debate on policy, and there has been indication that it still will, but at the first announcement of the pick some opponents of the Wisconsin congressman immediately began their campaign to discredit and demagogue Ryan's philosophy.

During coverage of Ryan's first speech as the vice presidential candidate, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry added to her resume of controversial on-air remarks when she criticized Ryan for daring to quote the Declaration of Independence in his speech when declaring rights come from God and nature, and not from government. 

“The thing I really have against him is actually how he and Gov. Romney have misused the Declaration of Independence,” said Harris-Perry Saturday. “I’m deeply irritated by their notion that the ‘pursuit of happiness’ means money for the richest and that we extricate the capacity of ordinary people to pursue happiness. When they say ‘God and nature give us our rights, not government,’ that is a lovely thing to say as a wealthy white man."

Harris-Perry's race-related criticism of Ryan for quoting a fundamental idea, upon which the entire nature of the U.S. government rests, has been met with media and public disapproval.

On "Real News From The Blaze" Tuesday, the panel was joined by Dr. Joseph Laconte of Kings College to explain why debate around this idea, that our rights are from God and nature, could spell trouble for the future of the nation should people ever see Government as the ultimate dispensor of rights. Watch a clip below:

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