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Awkward: Obama Solicits Campaign Contribution From Wealthy Audience Member Mid-Speech -- While Railing Against the Rich


"This guy back here...I'm looking for a campaign contribution..."

(Image: AP)

President Obama publicly solicited a campaign contribution from a wealthy audience member during his recent trip to Iowa, right in the middle of a speech belittling the efforts of wealthy Americans.

After a long explanation of how Mitt Romney wants to "raise taxes" on the back of the middle class so the wealthy can get a "tax cut"-- a claim the Romney campaign has denied-- Barack Obama seemingly tried to drive a wedge between his audience and the Romney campaign by asking whether anyone in the audience was making over $3 million a year.

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"Now, let me just see a show of hands.  How many folks are making more than $3 million a year?" the president asked.

When someone from the crowd raised raised his hand, Obama laughed, saying, "Okay, this guy back here...I'm looking for a campaign contribution..."

Watch the video, via YouTube, below:

According to the White House, the speech continued with a reiteration of the president's claim that "trickle down fairy dust" does not work, and those making over $250,000 need to do their part to pay down the deficit.

Obama then assured the audience he would do his part in cutting government spending "we don't need."

"And we know what it’s like to work and to fight hard to get ahead," he continued.  "And I want everybody in America to have that same chance that I had.  Because we have come too far to turn back now, Iowa.  We’ve got too many good jobs to create.  We’ve got too many great teachers to hire...We’ve got too many wind farms to build..."

Weasel Zippers simply asked: "Is he really this desperate?"

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)


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