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Live Explosives, Chainsaw, and a Chastity Belt: TSA Reveals Some of the Items It's Confiscated This Year


To date, 375,432,402 passengers have traveled through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints. Of those shuffling through security, TSA has collected a number of nefarious items on the bodies of passengers or in their checked baggage and has been detailing them in its blog.

Here are some stats for some of the contraband caught by TSA since January:

  • Firearms: Of the 821 firearms found by TSA this year, 691 were loaded and 210 were locked and loaded. The most popular location for gun confiscation of the 160 airports where they were identified this year is Atlanta, with 56 found thus far.

  • Most popular gun: The .380 has been found 197 times.
  • Most unusual concealment effort: A passenger from Portland tried to hide a pistol in a potted plant. Another passenger disassembled a gun and its ammo and tried to get it past TSA in three stuffed animals.

  • Live explosives: 40mm high explosive grenade; electrical tape-wrapped bottled with flash power inside and three M-80 fireworks; viable cannonball. TSA also reports finding a slew of "interesting inert items."
  • Other strange items: bear mace, walker with mounted knife, chainsaw, grenade launcher and a chastity belt (to be clear, TSA notes the chastity belt was just detected, not confiscated, as they are not banned).

Check out TSA's full "year-to-date" review blog post for more details on these finds and other updates on its programs here. Each week, TSA posts a "week in review" update on its blog where it details things like firearms found, strange locations where other items were found and other miscellaneous object worth noting.

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