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Poll dancing -- 8.15.12


Most Americans say press has given President Barack Obama "best treatment" [Rasmussen, 8/15]:

59% of Likely U.S. Voters believe Obama has received the best treatment from the media so far. Just 18% think his Republican challenger has been treated better. Twenty-three percent (23%) aren’t sure.

It may be a good thing that people who don't know who Joe Biden is plan on staying home [USA Today, 8/15]:

This year, perhaps 90 million Americans who could vote won't. ...

Many of these unlikely voters are suspicious of and disconnected from politics. In the survey, six in 10 say they don't pay attention to politics because "nothing ever gets done"; 54% call politics "corrupt." Only 39% could correctly name the vice president, Joe Biden.

Bipartisan: All political groups unsatisfied with Congress [Gallup, 8/14]

Congressional approval is down among all political groups and is now virtually the same across these groups -- with Democrats at 9%, independents at 11%, and Republicans at 10%. Democrats' approval declined the most, from 18% in July.

The horse race: Romney sees boost in youth vote, Obama still ahead [Washington Examiner, 8/15]:

In [a new Zogby poll], Obama receives just 49 percent of the youth vote when pitted against Romney, who received 41 percent. In another question, the independent candidacy of Gary Johnson is included, and here Obama wins 50 percent, Romney 38 percent and Johnson 5 percent.
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