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Real News From The Blaze': Is Israel Trying to Force Obama's Hand on Iran?


It appears that Israeli leaders are now speaking in more detail about their willingness to strike against Iran's nuclear program. It was reported Thursday that Israel's ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, has made it clear that Israel would be "willing to hit Iran, even to delay nuke program" if only by a few years. At the same time, Israel's home defense minister has said that in the event of such a strike, Israel predicts missile attacks on Israeli cities in response that would trigger a 30-day.

The increase in candid talk from Israel regarding Iran's nuclear program is leading some to suspect that Israel is planning a unilateral strike. Former Israeli national security advisor Uzi Dayan has told the New York Times that "The window is closing" for the United States to be much clearer and stronger about the sanctions to stop a unilateral strike.

The question was presented to the "Real News" panel Thursday, whether Israel is trying to force President Obama's hand on Iran? And is Obama likely to give any kind of commitment or bend to the pressure? Watch a clip form Thursday's show below:

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