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An Exclusive, Behind the Scenes Look at Comedian Jeff Foxworthy's Bible-Based Game Show


Back in May, TheBlaze first told you about "The American Bible Challenge," a new Christian-themed competition show slated to air on the GSN (formerly Game Show Network). Today, we have an exclusive, never-before-seen, sneak-peek video that provides behind-the-scenes access to the upcoming program, while also highlighting its host, comedian Jeff Foxworthy.

As we've reported, "The American Bible Challenge" won’t merely focus upon questions designed to explore the past historical significance of scripture. It will, in fact, also delve into the ways in which history’s best-selling book impacts contemporary culture, as teams compete in an effort to win monies for specified charities.

The show will be comprised of 18 teams who compete in the one-hour game show. The faithful players will go toe-to-toe in an effort to show who, indeed, has the most profound level of Biblical knowledge and understanding.

For each of the first six episodes, three teams will compete. Then, the winning group from each one will face-off in two, semi-final games. And, alas, in the final round one of the cohorts will be dubbed champion of "The American Bible Challenge.

Below, watch an exclusive clip that shows an exciting preview and some behind-the scenes action:

"The American Bible Challenge will premiere Thursday, August 23, 2012 at 8 pm ET/PT on GSN.



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