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Most of the convention news coverage won't be on TV


ABC, NBC and CBS all pretty much plan on devoting just one hour of coverage each night during prime time to the party conventions, which last for days. Because those networks still draw huge audiences, the big speeches and events will most certainly be planned within those hours. But for everything else, look to the Internet.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

While ABC, NBC and CBS streamed the conventions on their websites in 2008, that was before the iPad and other tablets, the explosive growth of smartphones and the rise of online video as a truly competitive medium to television.

With a host of other media outlets now offering streaming and social-media tie-ins, including start-ups Politico and Huffington Post, this year's conventions promise to be the most-covered ever online. Even the convention organizers have created mobile streaming applications of their own.

ABC News Producer Marc Burstein said his network will be providing wall-to-wall coverage of the conventions. "We're just not doing it on television."

[Wall Street Journal]

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