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Black Panthers Interview Children About 'Black Holocaust' Before Degrading 'Fake, Phony, Jews


"I'm doing everything I can to make sure our children understand the truth."

In an astounding episode of Black Panther Radio on Sunday, actual school children were interviewed about Black Panther policies.  The practice was to reinforce the need for a "Pan African University of Black Excellence" in America that the New Black Panther Party intends to start.

The host of the show was the leader of the National Ministry of Education for the Panthers, Master James J. Muhammad.  In an episode where he talks with multiple school children around the country (via phone calls into multiple locations), Muhammad asks, "Have you ever heard of the "Black Holocaust?"

The children responded with general bewilderment.  Some yelled "I have!" into the microphone.  Some of the children simply said no.

Muhammad then followed up with a question, "How many people have ever heard of the Jewish, the Jewish, the people in Germany and Hitler, the Jewish Holocaust?"

The children responded in the affirmative, "Yes I have heard of that."  In the end nine children have heard of the Jewish Holocaust and eight did not know at all the Black Holocaust, to the disdain of Master Muhammad.

Master Muhammad then embarked on another conversation, discussing the results of the poll.  "We have to de-program our children" Muhammad lamented, "they start teaching about the Jewish Holocaust in kindergarten."

"I'm doing everything I can to make sure our children understand the truth," Muhammad said. "There is not just the Jewish Holocaust."  He went on to explain that he wants the Trans-Atlantic slave trade "to be known as the Black African Holocaust"

This inspired an unnamed guest to go on a rant on the show.  "We are as black people ... going to have to make demands on this system that there have to be an African curriculum-- have to be part of our system."  He then criticized Jewish families for "constantly beating their children over the head about the holocaust and how it will never happen again, blah, blah, blah, ... even though they are a fake, phony, Jews."

The school children left the program stating, "I love you guys!"




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