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Ex Dem Rep: Obama's Fixation on 'Leveling out the Economy' Has Cost Him 7 Million Voters


"The Democratic Party is no longer a party that fixates on growth."

Former Democrat congressman Artur Davis on Friday claimed the Democrat Party's, and President Obama's, fixation on "leveling out the economy" has cost them seven million voters.

"There are 7 million of us who voted for Barack Obama who are traveling in a different direction because we didn’t get the unified country we wanted, we didn’t get the results we wanted on the economic front," Davis said during a Friday broadcast of CNBC’s "The Kudlow Report."

Watch Kudlow and Davis discuss the election [via CNBC]:

Since leaving the Democrat Party, Davis has been asked to speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. Perhaps giving us a foreshadowing of the type of speech he will give at the convention, Davis told Kudlow the following:

The Democratic Party is no longer a party that fixates on growth. It’s a party that fixates on trying to level out conditions in America. That’s a perspective, but I think it is the wrong perspective for the challenges we face.

The Democratic Party that I used to know was a pro-growth party that believed if you maximized prosperity that prosperity will be shared, prosperity will spread. There used to be a growth agenda. Now the agenda is more mandates, more taxes, more threats of taxes from businesses, more regulations for businesses.

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