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Here Are the Top 10 Moments From 'The Office' to Get You Through the Final Season


"I think endings can be very powerful."

(TheBlaze/AP) -- "The Office" will be closing next year.

Producer Greg Daniels says the NBC comedy will conclude business at Dunder Mifflin after the upcoming ninth season, ending what many have called a failed run without the show's mega-star Steve Carell, who charmed audiences as "Michael Scott" until his departure during season seven.

He said Tuesday that the final year will be exciting and memorable and will take creative chances. And it will reveal who's been making the mock documentary that has provided the show with its format.

Daniels says, "I think endings can be very powerful."

Will former regional manager Michael Scott return as a guest? Daniels says he hopes Carell will reprise his role as the socially inept boss, but he isn't counting on it. Carell left in 2011.

"The Office" was adapted from its British predecessor and premiered on NBC in March 2005.

While its ratings have slipped, it's still NBC's highest-rated scripted series.

For those of you that are really bummed about the show's impending doom, these top 10 moments from "The Office" and the Dunder Mifflin crew might get you through the final season:

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