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Real News From The Blaze:' Medi(s)care Facts


At the onset of the news that Rep. Paul Ryan would be named Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's running mate, the Obama campaign and allies quickly exerted considerable resources into vilifying the Ryan budget plans for Medicare. Some have called the Democrats' campaign against Ryan a “Mediscare” plan, as every Democrat at arms length to a media outlet has regurgitated that the Wisconsin Republican's budget plan, which is not the same as what a Romney/Ryan administration will endorse, "ends medicare as we know it."

In fact, Ryan's plan keeps Medicare as it us up until 2022, then reforms the program for new beneficiaries while launching a so-called "premium-support" system, where seniors would pick form a choice of private plans on a new Medicare exchange with the help of government-provided subsidies. Ryan claims his reforms will make the program sustainable, which as it is now will become insolvent by 2024 according to nonpartisan reports.

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