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Glenn Beck Marks One-Year Anniversary of 'Restoring Courage' Event in Israel


"This time there is a group of people that learned from our mistakes...and we will not cower in fear."

For anyone who was there or watched it on GBTV, it really is hard to believe that Glenn Beck's "Restoring Courage" event in Israel really was a year ago. But then again, time has a tendency to get away from all of us.

During his show Friday night, Beck explained that it is as important as ever, if not more so, that Americans stand with Israel as they fight for the right to exist in a region that is literally being torn apart at the seams.

"It is amazing that it was a year ago, I was standing there on holy ground in Jerusalem," Beck said. "We conducted a series of events designed to demonstrate, unequivocally, that Americans stand with the people of Israel. That we also recognize that old hatreds are rising up once again."

But, Beck explained, "this time there is a group of people that learned from our mistakes and our sins of the past, and we will not cower in fear… It was the week of Restoring Courage, in ourselves, not for the people of Israel."

Watch the entire Restoring Courage anniversary segment via GBTV, soon-to-become TheBlazeTV, here:

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