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Hear Why Arianna Huffington Thinks Paul Ryan Is Like George Clooney


"He's like, a bit of a heartthrob...he also looks good without a shirt."

(Photo: AP)

Arianna Huffington appeared on "Real Time" with Bill Maher recently, where the two discussed Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate and Huffington's new media initiatives.

It wasn't long before Bill Maher, one of Barack Obama's top donors, compared Paul Ryan to Dennis Kucinich, saying: "The pick of Ryan was like, [in a way], if Obama had picked Dennis Kucinich.  I mean, that's how far to the extreme he really is in the party.  How could the Republicans get away with picking their Kucinich, but when...if the Democrats tried it, all hell would break loose."

Apparently, the comedian considers Barack Obama and Joe Biden to be "moderates."

Watch the interview, via YouTube, below (skip to 40 seconds to miss the introductions):

Arianna Huffington seemingly had a different opinion.  According to the media mogul, Paul Ryan is more like Hollywood star George Clooney.

"He's like, a bit of a heartthrob," she explained, adding: "He also looks good without a shirt."

She continued, adding a bit of criticism for the "heartthrob": "When he's next to Romney, Romney has a kind of twinkle in his eye.  But here's the problem-- it's a little bit...you know how you fall in love with a woman because she's feisty, independent, has her own views...and then you get married, and immediately you want to turn her into a doormat.  And that's happened to Paul Ryan.  Paul Ryan has become a doormat."

Arianna Huffington explained that Paul Ryan has adopted Romney's platform, and has become "this little person that is following Romney around."

Maher simply asked: "First of all, who told you that guys are looking for feisty chicks?"


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