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Romney expects 'marvelous' convention speech by Obama


Campaigning in Ohio today Mitt Romney sarcastically described what he anticipates from President Obama's speech at the Democratic convention in two weeks.

“I know the president’s going to go to that convention he’s going to have all sorts of marvelous things to say,” said Romney at a rally alongside his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan. “I mean I can almost read his speech now.”

“It’ll just be, it’ll be filled with promises and tell people how wonderful things are, of course they’ll have to contrast that with what they know they’re experiencing,” he said. ” But as he lays out all of these wonderful things he’s going to do, people are going to stop and say but how are you going to do something different than last time. They’ve experienced the last four years.”

Romney also said he went back and referenced Obama's speech from the 2008 convention. "He says marvelous things. He just hasn't done them," Romney said.


Back in April, Obama mocked Romney for using the word to describe Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan. "It's a word you don't often hear generally," Obama said.

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