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Axelrod cites daughter's epilepsy to hit GOP on health care


In a fundraising email for the Obama campaign sent out last night, David Axelrod criticized Republicans for wanting to repeal Obamacare. He threw in a mention of his daughter's brain disorder:

I'd like to know what's noble about making it harder for people to get health care.

President Obama refused to give up on this legislation because he knew it was about real people -- people like his own mother who, in her final days, battled cancer and mounting bills, or my daughter Lauren, whose intractable epilepsy, at just seven months old, nearly bankrupted our family and burdened her with a pre-existing condition that threatened her future coverage. ...

If the President loses, Republicans are guaranteeing those protections will be gone with him.

You can make sure that doesn't happen. Donate $5 or more before this Friday's critical FEC deadline.

Back in late June, a similar campaign email was sent out. "Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling was very personal to me," Axelrod wrote. "Thirty years ago, my daughter Lauren, then just seven months old, began having grand mal seizures. ... Say you're standing with President Obama..."

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