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As Seen at the Dem Convention: The Calendar That Uses John 3:16 in Reference to Obama


"packed with 'well known' and 'little known' African American History facts that can be used for a small dose of daily, personal inspirations"

(Dave Weigel/Slate)

One of the knocks on the GOP convention was that the "swag" -- the kitschy stuff available in tote bags, at booths, and being handed out randomly -- was lacking, boring even. Well, it looks like vendors at the Democratic convention are going to try and beat Republicans in that category. Case in point: the Barack Obama calendar that includes a John 3:16 reference to the president.

Slate writer Dave Weigel captured a picture of the iconic scripture plastered over an image of Obama and his birth certificate. The picture is the August "centerfold" so to speak, since Obama's birthday is August 4th, and starts with the words "Heaven sent":

So what is the calendar? It's called the "Keep the Dream" calendar by James Hickman. Here he is outside Tyler Perry's studio in March:

We could explain, but we'll let him:

Still unsure? The calendar's website explains:

Inspired by his dedication to excellence and deep commitment to the education of African American people, James Hickman begins his newest 2013 sixteen month calendar. With its beautifully designed cover, it remains versatile enough to use for office, school classroom, library reference, or Home.  The predecessor to this innovative product was the “2009 Barack Obama-It’s Been A Long Time Coming” wall calendar that sold over 1 million copies bring widely acclaimed as the hottest, best selling calendar.

Keep The Dream calendar is packed with “well known” and “little known” African American History facts that can be used for a small dose of daily, personal inspirations, it can also be used as a daily treasure trove of impact African American History facts plus the “HBUC” that you can share with friends and loved ones.

And don't worry, there's another video that thumbs through the calendar:

"To be clear this is not official campaign merchandise," the Weekly Standard notes, "but it pretty clearly speaks to the fact the Obama cult of personality is going strong."

In case you're wondering, the calendar is currently on sale for $10.

(H/T: Weekly Standard via Hot Air)

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