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Real News From The Blaze': Bill Clinton Set to Return to the DNC


Former President Bill Clinton is set to headline day two of the Democratic National Convention Wednesday in one of the most anticipated speeches of the week. It's no secret that the relationship between POTUS 42 and 44 has not always been stellar, and ideologically, many have commented that since Obama has taken office Democrats have shifted to the left from when Clinton dominated the party in the 1990s as a "New Democrat." As the DNC has not been able to vet Bubba's speech, some on the Left have expressed concerns whether Clinton's remarks will be on the same page with the rest of the event. Slate.com's Josh Voorhees writes:

On one hand, Clinton is Obama's highest-profile surrogate and is best-suited to deliver the forceful rebuttal of Mitt Romney's attacks that the Obama camp needs heading into the fall. On the other, Clinton has proved more than capable of departing from the official company line when the mood strikes him, as he did earlier this year when he offered what sounded a whole lot like a glowing endorsement of Romney's "stellar" business career.

Aside from where Clinton diverges from the current Democratic party, his appearance may bring back memories of policies he OK'd back in the GoGo nineties which many argue contributed to setting the ball in motion towards the economic crisis we find ourselves struggling to recover from today. Charles Gasparino writes in the New York Post: 

Yet the reality of what caused the banking collapse has the fingerprints of tonight’s keynote speaker all over it. Consider two Bubba boo-boos that trace straight to the housing bubble and the 2008 financial crisis.

The first is his obsession with pushing homeownership to new highs via government coercion. The second is his unleashing of Wall Street risk-taking.

While many will look to former President Clinton Wednesday night and think of the 1990's while saying "those were the days," the "Real News From The Blaze" panel Wednesday discussed the important details regarding Bill Clinton's economic policies that America should not forget:

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