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Real News' War Room: Will National Security Chops Carry Obama to a Second Term?


President Barack Obama's National Security chops have become one of his chief advantages over Mitt Romney. A Buzzfeed report Tuesday notes that National Security accomplishments were one of the most aggressive aspects of President Obama's acceptance speech at Democratic National Convention, as the president mocked Romney and Ryan's inexperience on the issue, which was seen as a weakness for the Obama campaign in the 2008 election against Sen. John McCain.

But have Barack Obama's most successful accomplishments in the realm of National Security been connected to positions or direct actions he opposed at one point? Drone strikes, executive orders, keeping Guantanamo Bay open;as far as National Security goes, is Barack Obama's first term closer to what we could have expected from Dick Cheney?

"Obama has dragged the Democratic Party closer to the Dick Cheney view on national security," Timothy Carney writes in The Washington Examiner. "Delegates in Charlotte, N.C., ate up the bin Laden lines, and they roared at the don't-mess-with-America bluster from Biden and others.

"Much of the liberal commentariat has learned to stop worrying and love the national security state."

Despite the clear inconsistencies between 2008 and 2012 candidate Barack Obama on this matter, the Romney campaign has not attacked the hypocrisy. POLITICO reports that the Romney campaign not responding strong enough to "getting the full John Kerry treatment on national security" has alarmed some top Republicans.

Romney squandered earlier opportunities to repair the damage in national television interviews, and some influential Republicans fear he is beginning to look like Kerry, circa 2004. Like the Democratic nominee eight years ago, Romney has been caught off guard by — and then bristled at — questions about his strength as a potential commander in chief and his commitment to the troops.

On "Real News From The Blaze" Tuesday, the panel discussed why Romney has responded the way he has on the issue of National Security, if the Republican can win by focusing the vast majority of his campaign resources solely on making this election about the economy, and how much longer Obama can be seen as the candidate stronger on these issues:

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