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Chicago Teachers Protest Gov. At 9/11 Memorial Event

The protesters assemble (Photo credit: WLS)

The Chicago teachers' unions, by some accounts, believe themselves to be the last gasp of unionized education - a political fighting force that, if defeated on their turf, will mark the end of teachers' unions.

If so, it may be surprising that teachers' unions have managed to stay alive this long. Why? Because the Chicago teachers' unions appear to have completely missed every lesson in optics one would get from even basic political campaigning.

You see, as part of their attempt to intimidate the city of Chicago, the unions are picketing every public event where powerful officials will be present. And we do mean every event. WLS 980AM in Chicago reports that, in what appears to be an effort to intimidate Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, the unions have started protesting at a 9/11 memorial. Yes, really:

Dozens of striking Chicago teachers are protesting outside a Sept. 11 memorial event where Gov. Pat Quinn is speaking.

The Chicago Democrat hasn't weighed in on the walkout, which entered its second day on Tuesday.

As he headed into the event, Quinn walked through the crowd, which sang "Amazing Grace" and held American flags. He said "Good luck."

The teachers marched over from nearby Curie Metro High School on the city's southwest side.

One can only imagine what these people would have done if Rahm Emanuel had arrived.

Needless to say, acts like this are unlikely to do much to endear the unions to voters. This is a problem for them, considering their actions have already induced a high level of bipartisan consensus on the side of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

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