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Obama's Anti-Romney 2012 Ad Is Eerily Similar to Carter's 1980 Anti-Reagan Ad


"Reagan  scares me.  He really scares me."

The comparisons that are made between Jimmy Carter and Barrack Obama are sometimes forced. However, at times the two presidents seeming to have some similarities: both saw energy prices nearly double in their first terms; trade deficits and unemployment skyrocketed; both presidents fumbled through turmoil in the Middle East and failed to deal with real threats in Iran.

So, how do you campaign on such a record? Carter went negative, really negative.  One ad depicted Californians on the street talking about how dangerous their former governor, Ronald Reagan was.  One woman even said, "He would have gotten us into a war by this time, Carter hasn't."  Another man says "Reagan  scares me.  He really scares me."

Obama's campaign has also gone pretty negative. And one of the ads is so similar to the old Carter ad, it is almost unbelievable. In the Obama ad, you have regular people on the street in Florida.  Their scare topic is not imminent war with the USSR but a war on Medicare.

In the Obama ad, an elderly woman fears that the Romney/Ryan cuts would force the elderly to "choose between food or going to a doctor."   A bearded man laments, "Those kind of cuts are going to be incredibly painful to the working class person" but this man is also confident that Obama will "protect us."

The messages in both ads are the same: This [Romney/Reagan] guy is really scary!  Our current President is protecting us. Vote for him.

 The similarities are uncanny, watch below: 

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