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Remember That Anti-Obama Billboard in TX? It's Now Been Turned Into a Bumper Sticker and a T-Shirt


"was just to get people to think and evidently we've accomplished that mission."

In August, TheBlaze brought you the story of a controversial anti-Obama billboard in North Texas showing two men in camouflage with the message "The SEALs Removed One Threat to America | Remove the Other in November." It is a message that appears to be catching on more than the man who paid for the billboard ever anticipated.

The message ties the Navy SEALs killing of Osama bin Laden to removing President Barack Obama from office in the November election.

The billboard was paid for by former Air Force mechanic TJ Schad, who says he was acting independently in posting it. Now, CBS out of Dallas-Fort Worth reports the message has gone viral on the Internet, on bumper stickers, and even some T-shirts:

Retired Marine Roger Herman has now taken the idea and made it his own, printing up one thousand bumper stickers. Tuesday night he said his initial order was already spoken for and he had several hundred new emails to answer. Schad himself, started making a few t-shirts for friends.

Watch the report:

Schad told CBS he has been "amazed" by the positive reaction to the billboard. But not everyone has received the message with such enthusiasm. According to CBS some criticize the ad for seeming to suggest violence against the president while others believe Obama himself deserves some credit for helping take out Osama bin Laden. Some have said the word "vote" needs to be added to the message as well.

"He needs to understand it's a "we" -- it's a team effort," Schad said. "He didn't pull the trigger. The SEALs pulled the trigger."

Overall, Schad said the point of the project "was just to get people to think and evidently we've accomplished that mission." He said he has been contacted from individuals in Tennessee, Oklahoma and San Diego.

As for the billboard, it will remain standing on I-35 through the election season.

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