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Have You Seen This Controversial Anti-Obama Navy SEAL Billboard in Texas?


"The SEALS removed one threat to America. Remove the other in November," reads a controversial billboard currently on display along I-35 in North Texas.

The sign, featuring two camouflaged men and military style font, indicates that it's a political ad, paid for by TJ Schad, CBS DFW reports. Schad, a former Air Force mechanic, claims he's not acting on the behalf of any committee, candidate, or party. He says he got the idea after he received an email suggesting the image and its message go "on every billboard across the country."

“It just started out as something fun to do,” he said. “Let’s see if I could do it. I didn’t have a clue how to do it.”

Schad explains that he knew the owner of the company leasing the billboard and all he had to do was hire an artist to design the ad.

“I think we were just trying to make a statement,” he said. “We felt we needed to change direction in the country, and that’s what we did.”

As CBS DFW notes, a similar ad went up in Elkhart, Ind., last week, prompting a few protests.

"Some demonstrators said though that comparing military action to take out a terrorist, with removing a president from office, was too far," CBS DFW reports.

Schad, however, is surprised some people have interpreted his sign that way.

“Other than the fact it’s got some seals in there with a gun,” he said. “But I think it’s pretty obvious what they did and what the statement is."

So far, the company leasing him the billboard has only received a few "curious" phone calls and Schad claims he hasn't received a single complaint.

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