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Chuck Norris, The KKK, & Nukes: The Top 10 Most Brutal Attack Ads In Presidential History


This should clear things up.

This week, we saw the Romney campaign brutalized by the media over Romney's supposed  "unconscionable attacks" on the Obama administration.  But are things really that bad?  A quick look at our nation's presidential campaign history should clear things up:


10. Eisenhower: "Taxes break our's tragic!"

9. W. Bush: John Kerry looks ridiculous on a windsurfer

8. H.W. Bush:  Dukakis looks even more ridiculous in a tank

7. Kennedy: President Eisenhower can't really name any Nixon accomplishments

6. Clinton: President Bush kinda did this to himself

5.  I mean, if you get Chuck Norris in your ad you are automatically on this list

4.  LBJ: The KKK "like" Barry Goldwater

3. H.W. Bush: Willie Horton murders children, Dukakis approves of that


2. LBJ drops a nuke on a little girl

1. Adams: "Jefferson is the son of a half-breed Indian Squaw raised on hoe cakes."

Jefferson: "Adams is a hideous, hermaphroditical character."


EXTRA: Harsh campaign Ad against John McCain featuring his Vietnamese POW camp guards

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