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Video Purportedly Shows Mob Dragging Ambassador Stevens From Libya Consulate


A YouTube video uploaded by user Abdalgadar Fadi claims to show Ambassador Christopher Stevens "before his death" at the hands of a Libyan mob.

The victim is seemingly being dragged out of the consulate in Benghazi by countless men, some of whom are smiling and cheering at the end of the video.

The clip has not yet been authenticated, but the victim appears to be wearing the same clothes as in a graphic photo that showed alleged "attempts to rescue" the ambassador on the night of his death.

According to Breitbart, the YouTube headline translates: “U.S. Ambassador and the people of Benghazi rescue attempt before his death.”

Here is the disturbing video (content warning):

It should be noted that in the full YouTube video, the clip begins with an image of a man holding his pointer and middle fingers in the "V" or "peace" sign.

See it here:

There are conflicting reports as to why, exactly, the men are cheering.

Some say it is because they were happy to have found the ambassador alive.  Breitbart notes that Jenan Moussa, who describes herself as a "roving reporter" for Arabic Al Aan TV, wrote: "...I think crowd cheers not [because] the man they found is almost dead but [because] 'the man is alive.'"

The New York Times has a translation of some of the comments:

“I swear, he’s dead,” one Libyan says, peering in.

“Bring him out, man! Bring him out,” another says.

“The man is alive. Move out of the way,” others shout. “Just bring him out, man.”

“Move, move, he is still alive!”

“Alive, Alive! God is great,” the crowd erupts, while someone calls to bring Mr. Stevens to a car.

According to the New York Times Stevens was subsequently taken to a hospital, but the doctor was unable to revive him.

This is a breaking story.  Updates will be added.

(H/T: Breitbart)

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