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Obama aide offers press cookies to no avail


En route to a campaign event in Ohio, President Obama's traveling press secretary Jen Psaki answered questions from reporters for about half an hour.

From the pool report, written by the Los Angeles Times' Michael Memoli [aboard Air Force One]:

Psaki ended by offering, unsolicited, her take on Mitt Romney's readiness for being commander in chief: "Every president - male, female, no matter who it is Republican, Democrat - is going to face a crisis or multiple crises as the president has faced. What we've seen from Mitt Romney is a disastrous trip overseas; last week he criticized - accused the president of sympathizing with the attackers and mischaracterized a statement from our embassy; and then he had an adviser the next day go out and say that if Mitt Romney had been president this wouldn't have happened. So this does raise a question of whether his team is ready for primetime when it comes to these issues." ...

Would also note that Psaki at the beginning and at the end of the gaggle offered the pool home-baked cookies but no one took her up on the offer, at least not yet.

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