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TV Station Yanks Wild Attack Ad That Implies a GOP Rep. Charges Voters to Talk With Him


"Instead of town hall meetings, you have to pay to see him!"

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The House Majority PAC has produced a video in which they state that Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN) only listens to voters who bribe him, drives a $1,000/month SUV at the taxpayer's expense, and voted to make seniors pay more while giving tax breaks to millionaires.

"Chip Cravaack was supposed to take Minnesota values to Washington, not the other way around," the video, titled "Strange," concludes.

The House Majority PAC describes itself on its website:

House Majority PAC is an independent-expenditure only committee (often called a “Super PAC”) that is designed to hold Republicans accountable and help win back the House Majority for Democrats. House Majority PAC is committed to building a long-term organization that can take on the Republican outside groups in the battle for the House Majority.

WCCO-TV, the CBS station in Minneapolis, has pulled the ad according to MediaBistro.  Though they did not comment as to why, a number of the claims in the video are shady at best.

Watch the dramatic video, below:

For instance, the allegation that Cravaack has given up on town hall meetings and only speaks with voters to "pay to see him," is apparently partially based on a $10-a-head lunch he had last year.

The Minnesota Star Tribune writes:

The claim is based partly on a $10-a-head luncheon with Cravaack in Duluth last year sponsored by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). Cravaack says that the $10 charge was for lunch, not for admission.

In any case, his letter states that he held 17 town hall meetings, seven tele-townhall conferences, and provided “mobile office visits to 75 cities “in 2011 alone, all free of charge.”

House Majority PAC spokesman Andy Stone, however, told the Star Tribune that his group "unquestionably stands behind the content of the advertisement."

The ad is reportedly still running on three other network affiliates in the area.

(H/T: MediaBistro)



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