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This Anti-Islam Film Response Praises Muhammad as 'a Women's Rights Liberator' & Proclaims 'There's No Freedom of Hatred


"You better just pray that we as patient as the one you portrayed in an image that's not true but figment of your imagination."

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There's been much talk about "Innocence of Muslims," an anti-Islam film that has garnered international infamy. Likewise, the Arab crisis that has unfolded in recent weeks throughout the Middle East and other nearby regions has also taken center stage. In the midst of debate surrounding just how much influence, if any, the film is having on anti-American protests, a web site called "Talk Islam" is responding with a fascinating pro-Muhammad video.

Talk Islam, which describes itself as being created by young Muslims in Sydney, Australia, for the purposes of spreading the Islamic faith, aims to explain the religious structure and its central tenets. In the recently-released clip, through the art of spoken-word performance, an Islamic man goes to great lengths to defend the Prophet Muhammad. He distinguishes the faith leader as "the greatest man to walk this earth," while also denigrating those behind the "Innocence of Muslims" film.

Most of the five minute, twenty-four second clip focuses upon Muhammad's purportedly devine elements. From his characteristics of justice and devotion to his supposed environmentalist inclinations, the clip seeks to dispel any and all negative statements waged against the prophet.

"He was a lover of the environment, a women's rights liberator, a carer of the orphan, a man of mercy and of justice," a description of the clip reads, with the performer, who isn't officially identified anywhere on the web site or the clip itself, going on to shower additional praises upon the prophet.

"The savior and liberator of all of women's rights," the individual performing proclaims. "He was the best husband to his wife, the best friend to his tribe, the best leader to lead a nation of might."

He continues, claiming the Muhammad was a "man of truth," "justice," "humility," "toughness" and "mercy." However, the performer also took the opportunity to deliver rebuking blows to the filmmakers behind the movie, blaming them for violence in the Middle East. He says:

"While you're busy drawing and painting, burning and making films that are desecrating, the concept of art how dare you disgrace it, Take your film and just break it, Matter of fact just erase it, You waste of space as you hide inside and try to escape it.

You knew what you were doing, grow up and just face it, You better just pray that we as patient as the one you portrayed in an image that's not true but figment of your imagination, And no you're not free from fault for it was you who created and sparked the resulting destruction and devastation, See there's freedom of speech but there's no freedom of hatred."

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