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Real News' War Room: How Do Women Feel About the Last Four Years?


Deputy campaign manager and one of the president's most visible campaign advisors, Stephanie Cutter, who appears on television often to defend the president and other campaign surrogates for speaking slip-ups; made a head-turning comment of her own Monday when she said that women are "not really concerned about what's happened over the last four years." Cutter continued that women instead really want to know what's happening for the "next four years."

It's not a surprise that Cutter would deflect the question to focus on the next four years rather than the last four years, as much of the Obama campaign message has centered on a "forward" message. But by referencing women specifically looking at the last four years, Cutter's answer reminds us of the "war on women" plank Democrats have become associated with this campaign cycle. Conservatives argue that this attack generalizes that women are solely concerned with social issues rather than the state of the economy over the last four years or other issues.

On "Real News From The Blaze" Tuesday, the panel discussed the concerns of American women over the last four years, and what messages the Obama campaign have sent to women about Republicans and why they should reelect the president:

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