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Dirty Jobs' host Mike Rowe joins Romney for jobs talk in Ohio


Earlier this month, I wrote about how "Dirty Jobs" host and Ford Motors spokesman Mike Rowe had reached out to Mitt Romney to offer his personal and unique perspective on closing the jobs gap in America and getting our economy back on track.  Rowe even promised to vote for Romney if he read his extensive letter.  As of today, it looks like Rowe will be checking the box for the GOP in November.

Just 12 hours after publishing his letter on his website,, Rowe says he received a call from Mitt Romney, inviting him to participate in a roundtable discussion on jobs and manufacturing.  Romney's traveling press spokesman tweeted Rowe a pic of Romney reading the letter:

To which Rowe responded with a tweet of his own:

The roundtable was today and the Cleveland Plain Dealer has the details:

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Politics can be a muddy business. Enter "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe.

The Discovery Channel personality and Ford Motor Co. pitchman will offer his support Wednesday to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at a public event in Bedford Heights.

Romney's campaign announced the Rowe endorsement late Monday when confirming Romney's Cleveland-area itinerary for the final day of a two-day bus tour through battleground Ohio.

Rowe made headlines this month for an open letter he wrote to Romney, seeking a "national conversation" on skilled labor and "about what we value in the workforce." Rowe opened the letter by pledging to vote for Romney if he read the whole thing. A campaign aide later Tweeted a photo of Romney reading the letter.

Also stumping in Ohio today for Romney: golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

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