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Pilot Boyfriend Fakes Impending Plane Crash in Crazy Marriage Proposal Stunt
(source: YouTube)

Pilot Boyfriend Fakes Impending Plane Crash in Crazy Marriage Proposal Stunt

"Pilot in command. Determine if he is a good mate."

Nothing says romantic marriage proposal like convincing your girlfriend she's going to die right before you pop the question.

Well, that's exactly what one pilot boyfriend did -- and she still said yes.

In February, pilot Ryan Thompson took his girlfriend, Carlie Kennedy, on a romantic sightseeing flight over Chicago. In the middle of the flight, Thompson told his girlfriend that there was a problem with the plane's controls and ordered her to read off the "emergency checklist," which contained instructions for a "ring engagement procedure," the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

As Kennedy believed she might be plummeting to her death, she had no idea that she was being filmed on a hidden camera, the video of which would later be posted on YouTube with the title "In Descent Proposal."

ABC News provides a description of the video:

The video, which includes the date 2.11.12, contains no dialogue, just music and captions at the bottom of the screen to describe the conversation.

At first, the two are smiling. They appear happy, and the sky forms a brilliant blue backdrop.

“I thought he was surprising me for Valentine’s Day,” said Kennedy.  “It was a gorgeous day, as you can see in the video.”

But after a short while, the plane appears to shake and Carlie’s smile falters.

“All of a sudden I felt my stomach kind of go up in my throat and I realized we were heading straight for the water...And then he [Thompson] said, ‘Honey, I need you to stay calm. The flight controls aren’t working,'" Kennedy told ABC News.

In the video, she is visibly frightened, however, she follows orders and called out the emergency check list that her boyfriend gave to her.

Here's how the conversation went during the airborne proposal:

“Unresponsive flight controls,” she starts reading. She quickly arrives at the instructions to initiate the "ring engagement procedure." She still had not caught on at this point.

“Pilot in command. Determine if he is a good mate. Note: he will always love and honor you,” she continues, still not fully grasping what is going on, probably due to the shock of believing her life would be over in moments.

As Kennedy reads the checklist, Thompson can be seen reaching into his pocket for the engagement ring.

"Will you marry me?” she reads on the "checklist." After pausing for a moment, a light bulb goes off in her head as she puts her hands over her face, laughing and crying at the same time over the outrageous stunt.

“Will you marry me?” he asks, holding the ring out.

"Yes," she replies.

Watch the video of the "In Descent Proposal," which Thompson edited for his new fiance:

"I genuinely did believe that we were going to die," Kennedy told ABC News. "I felt like our lives depended on me making it through that checklist."

“I was never angry, not even for a second,” she told the Sun-Times on Friday.

Just when you thought there couldn't be a more risky way to propose, Thompson told the Sun-Times he also considered "faking a medical emergency and going into the hospital."


(H/T: Gawker)

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