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Glenn Beck Blasts US Media Over Fast and Furious: 'Media Has Utterly Failed


During his show on TheBlazeTV Monday, Glenn Beck discussed the Spanish language Univision News' exclusive report on Operation Fast and Furious, which made a number of bombshell revelations about the federal gun-walking program on Sunday.

Beck took the U.S.  mainstream media to task for its refusal to report the truth about Fast and Furious.

"Most Americans think of Vin Diesel when they hear 'Fast and Furious,' yet another indicator that the media has utterly failed at being the guardian of the gate," Beck said. "Why did it take Univision to put together a report that connects the dots and gets to the truth?"

Beck then went through Univision's report point-by-point, showing graphic photos of some of the instances of unthinkable violence linked to Fast and Furious and the current administration.

"If you think this story does not affect you because you don't live near the border, I want to show you something," Beck said, putting up a graphic showing which U.S. cities have been infiltrated by Mexican drug cartels -- and there are a lot of them.

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