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Chuck Woolery Inserts a Little Common Sense Into the Voter ID Debate...By Invoking Michael Jackson


"voter fraud seems to benefit a lot of politicians"

Sometimes it takes a game show host and viral video star to break things down and insert common sense into a debate. And if you've been waiting for someone to do that in the voter ID debate, then you will be very thankful for Chuck Woolery's latest political comedy video.

"If I'm asked for my ID when I'm buying cold medicine, it's no big deal because it's not for my meth lab," he cracks. "So why would certain people be favor of these other guidelines against protecting the sanctity of our elections."

Good question. Another: Why are people opposed to something seemingly so simple? Because "voter fraud seems to benefit a lot of politicians," Woolery remarks.

That seems pretty simple, too. But he's not done there. He goes on to use a doctored video of Barack Obama doing the "Thriller" dance to make his point. You'll have to watch to see just what that point is:

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