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Election Protection': JetBlue Offering Free Flights Out of the Country if Your Guy Loses


"We've all heard it said before: if my candidate does not win, I'm leaving the country."

Image source: JetBlue

Looking for a little insurance if your guy loses the presidential election? JetBlue has you covered, offering a chance for a free flight out of the country if Nov. 6 doesn't go your way.

Dubbed "Election Protection," the airline announced Wednesday it will give away 1,006 round-trip flights -- that's 2012 seats -- to customers whose candidate loses next month.

"We've all heard it said before: if my candidate does not win, I'm leaving the country," Marty St. George, JetBlue senior vice president marketing and commercial strategy, said in a statement. "Fun is one of our five founding values, and in this spirit we decided to give people a chance to recover from the political noise and follow through on their claim to skip town if their candidate comes up short."

Travelers who visit simply identify their political party and choose their desired international destination, including Mexico, Aruba, Costa Rica or Jamaica. Then, if their candidate loses, they'll be entered for a chance to win a (temporary) escape.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Democrats had beaten Republicans in sign-ups, 62 percent to 38 percent. The Bahamas appeared to be the top getaway choice for Republicans, while Costa Rica barely edged out the Turks and Caicos Islands for Democrats.

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